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The Series
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A Young Adult Sci-Fi/Action-Adventure Series

Ethan scurried ahead and peeked inside the darkened room with the flickering lights. The scene looked exactly the same as the one before — silhouetted, shiny heads focused in rapt attention on the projector screen. Again it was an old, grainy black-and-white comedy film that was being presented. Why are they watching movies? And why comedies? Ethan soon got a sickening feeling in the pit of his stomach as he contemplated the answer. Drama is easy; comedy is hard. The machines were studying the humans…with designs on pretending to be them, right down to the most difficult detail. 

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The Fatal Error
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In a secret military town tucked away deep in the Wyoming forest, a small group of soon-to-be eighth-graders wakes up to find everyone missing. Ethan Tate and his team — including his best friend, his bully, and the girl of his dreams — must band together to solve the mystery, survive an onslaught, and fight back using their unique skills honed during countless hours in the woods playing Laser Wars. 

Something went very wrong at Blackwoods Military Research Facility in the late-night hours of June 14. Ethan had said some terrible things to his father earlier that evening, and the next morning he was eager to apologize to him and set things right. 

But he never got the chance. All that was left was a distraught phone message…

    “I’m so sorry, Ethan. So sorry. They’ll be coming soon. You have 24 hours, maybe less. Get the black box to General Stanley. We love you so much, Ethan. I’m so sorry. There’s so much I need to tell you. I wish I —” 

The message abruptly ended. Those were Ethan’s father’s grim last words.    

A mechanical menace was stalking them, the likes of which humans could’ve never imagined. One of the special Top-Secret projects the military scientists were working on decided it didn’t want to be kept secret anymore. They think, they learn, they feel, and now they’re angry. Ethan had a summer school project due the week everyone disappeared. It was on “The Role of Artificial Intelligence in the Future.”


How ironic.  

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“In his novel, Peek writes an engaging, exciting story that nicely balances technical details of weaponry and combat with good character development…The book is well structured, setting up ideas and skills in early chapters that pay benefits later on…An entertaining mix of high-tech showdowns with believable adolescent friendships and romance."

                                                                         — Kirkus Reviews



"There's no shortage of excitement and thrills in the Holding the Fort series, and Ryan Peek writes with a blend of tension and humor that I love. The plot never flags, and the characters are authentic and compelling. Ethan Tate and his friends -- and enemies -- are sure to please readers of all ages."   

                       — Michael Koryta, New York Times bestselling author

"The plot is an addictive mixture of low-key adolescent character moments, creepy mystery, and adrenalized heroics...A page-turning tale with engrossing, high-stakes action."                                                                                                                                      Kirkus Reviews

 “The novel intertwines multiple exhilarating missions and mysteries...The story is written with heart and skill, providing an immersive diversion for science fiction fans.” 

                                                                        — BlueInk Review

About Ryan
Image by Sebastian Unrau
About Ryan Peek

Ryan is the author of the Young Adult Sci-Fi book series Holding the Fort… and he is totally onto the robots’ evil schemes. The first book in the series, The Fatal Error, is a story based on an idea he’s had for a long time. Or possibly, it’s based on the true story of him and his friends thwarting a robot rebellion while living near a secret military research facility during the summer before eighth grade. Either way, whatever you believe, he hopes this book teaches you never to turn your back on the machines. 


Ryan also enjoys writing screenplays. Interestingly enough, Holding the Fort: The Fatal Error began as an idea for a screenplay. But as the idea grew, he realized it just had to be a book series. A lot of readers have said the book plays out like a movie. 


The author lives in Indiana with his wife, Erika, and two genius cats who always knew better than to ever trust the machines…especially the vacuum.

Image by Sebastian Unrau
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