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Before I started working on the Holding the Fort series, I loved writing screenplays. Comedies especially. I believe the world can always use a little more humor. Below is a list of all the scripts I have written, along with their loglines.

To any agents and producers: If you have made it to this far-flung outpost of cyberspace, stick around for a spell. There’s some fun stuff in here. All screenplays are available by request.

The first six scripts have placed or made the finals in large competitions, such as:

 - The PAGE International Screenwriting Awards

 - The American Accolades Screenwriting Competition

 - A Feeding Frenzy Screenwriting Competition

 - Scout Writing Competition

 - ScreenCraft Comedy Screenplay Contest

 - Screenplay Festival

 - The American Screenwriting Competition 

 (Notably, three different scripts placed 7th, 7th, and 4th out of 2,000 entries in three consecutive years in this contest. “All Downhill From There” “Martial  Con Artist” and “I’m With Genius”)

 - The Nicholl Fellowships

 (A semi-finalist placement. Top-30 of 5,000+ scripts. “A Pawn in the Game”)




Brother Against Brother  (Comedy)

With his inheritance at stake, a chronic underachiever who is down on his luck battles his arrogant, super-successful younger brother in events concocted by their competition-crazy father who is infatuated with the Olympic Games.

I’m With Genius  (Comedy/Romantic Comedy)

After a chance encounter, an immature goofball falls for a young woman who is a super-genius. The relationship thrives in its own quirky way until the woman’s hardcore intellectual father, a brainy colleague that pines for her, and a secret conspire to make him feel insecure.


All Downhill From There  (Comedy/Romantic Comedy)

A former child sitcom star poses as an Amish man in a desperate attempt to win back the love of a co-star he broke up with in his heyday; though now, she’s the most esteemed actress in Hollywood, and he’s a nobody who, along with his colorful castmates, runs a two-bit museum dedicated to the long-canceled show.

Reviewed by Feeding Frenzy story analyst, Cheryl Herring. Cheryl stated: “It’s the first script I’ve read in quite a while where I found myself smiling, chuckling, and laughing out loud…A very entertaining and funny, funny, funny script…You have a warped sense of humor and I love it.”

Martial Con Artist  (Comedy/Romantic Comedy)

A famous Hollywood action star, noted for his bravado and flashy martial arts moves, is unwittingly summoned to a small town to save the citizens from a gang of thugs -- just like he did in a movie. The situation turns precarious when it becomes apparent the action hero couldn’t fight his way out of a wet paper bag.

A Pawn in the Game  (Drama)

An intellectually gifted kid from Harlem struggles to meet the unrealistic basketball expectations of his troubled father. As an adult, after a stint in prison and estrangement from his own son, he finds a way to break the vicious cycle using his uncanny ability for the game of chess.

The script was covered by story analyst Cheryl Herring, where she stated: “Wow!!! You blew me away with your script…This was such a great read. I remember you telling me you were working on a drama after your two hysterically funny scripts. Well, you certainly can change gears with ease…This is one movie I’d love to see on the big screen.”

Winning Over Dad  (Comedy)

An average Joe manages to win the heart of the most popular girl in school but struggles to endear himself to her hard-nosed, ex-marine father who still regrets his daughter’s decision to dump her uber-athletic ex-boyfriend. In the grueling pursuit of her father’s approval, he finds an unlikely and much-needed father figure for himself.


The following scripts have not been entered into contests:

A Life Unscripted  (Comedy/Dramedy)

A man desperately struggling with Social Anxiety Disorder meets a girl, but can only cope by having his writer friend script dates for him. When the short-term solution fails to help his condition, the only way he can overcome his disability is to face his fears in a big event situation…with fifty-thousand fans watching.


Pitching Shoes  (Comedy)

An emasculate man struggles to gain acceptance in his rough and tumble Texas farm family when he discovers that he’s a horseshoe pitching prodigy with the opportunity to utilize his talents to save the financially foundering farm. With the help of the fair queen, whom he coaches to victory, the horseshoe-pitching phenomenon braves the grizzled horseshoe subculture, including a showdown with the despicable reigning champion in a humorous contrast of personalities.

Erika’s Theory  (Romantic Comedy)

A cynical social psychologist who has been burned romantically sets out to develop the ultimate equation for matchmaking. While researching the subject, he learns from a special woman in an odd town that there is no formula for love.

Devine Intervention  (Comedy)

A desperate, out-of-touch reverend of a very elderly church congregation prays to God to better understand his unruly teenage son, only to have the prayer answered in a fashion that transforms the minister into a party hound himself.

Show on the Road  (Comedy)

The sarcastic host of a stodgy talk show, beleaguered by falling ratings and media caricature, attempts to gain Prime Time television eminence by traveling the country doing on-location, often undercover, shows with the dregs of society. When the new show becomes wildly successful, the host’s jealous, sleazy arch-rival underhandedly tries to prove the show is fake. The host triumphs in a bizarre ending, in which his rival painfully learns that you shouldn’t mess with people who have friends in low places.

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